What is a SAE?

SAE stands for "Supervised Agricultural Experience". Students get the chance to learn and experience a branch of agriculture in which they find interesting. They have the ability to explore, learn and develop a working knowledge of finances, responsibility and hardwork. Receiving a degree of any kind requires a certain amount of hours in their SAE projects.

SAE Project Ideas




Equine Science Placement

Equine Entrepreneurship

Beef Entrepreneurship 

Veterinary Science Placement

Rabbit Entrepreneurship

Dairy Placement

Poultry Entrepreneurship

Diversitised Agriculture Sales

Swine Placement

Crop Production

Dairy Goat Production

Types of SAE Projects

Placement/Internship: In an Internship SAE you are tasked by your employer which will be crucial to the running of the company. Being in a internship or placement SAE would give you a taste of what it would be like going into that field.

Entrepreneurship: In an Entrepreneurship SAE you create, run and operate a business which provides food and products for a marketplace

Experimental: In an Experimental SAE you are investigating new materials and process information to develop a working knowledge on a topic.

Exploratory: An Exploratory SAE is simply exploring a SAE topic like beef or poultry.